Lena Mae Lenman on The Invisible Cabaret Podcast (S2:E9)

We hope you’ve stretched this morning, because we’re chatting to performer, producer and Solid Gold fittie, Lena Mae Lenman! Lena is an irrepressible creative force, whose outlets include the Hundred Watt Club, photography, and 80s fantasy aerobic program, Solid Gold Fitness. She brings her bubbly personality to the podcast, as well as her long history of neo-burlesque performance, to inform a chat that ranges from dressing up to stripping off, and why laughing is the best of all ab workouts!

Sinopa Rin on The Invisible Cabaret Podcast (S2:E8)

Join us as we talk to the one-woman powerhouse, model/photographer/stylist/siren Sinopa Rin! Rin was gracious enough to pop her podcast cherry with Ferrero Rochelle & Rosie Verbose. We talk about the Internet modelling scene, life through the lens and regaining autonomy through self-portraits, among other ways Rin’s creativity & mental health intersect.