Podcast Episode 15 – Therapist Brian Thomas, AKA Papa Ferrero!

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No doubt, over the last few months, you’ve heard the rumble in the jungle, you’ve heard the brain cogs turning… Well, the time has come: Rochelle’s Dad is finally on the podcast! Not only is it nice to be family-centric in this festive season, but Brian is a top-notch therapist with decades of experience under his belt. It was such a joy to grill him about the ups and downs of therapy, what it’s like from the other side of the desk, and some tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your therapy experience.

Some useful links for mental health issues mentioned in this episode: how to find a therapist; Mind’s latest report on men’s mental health; this great post from the Blurt Foundation about reducing stigma around medication.

⚠️ CW: light conversation about therapy for OCD (6:56 – 7:50); working with sectioned patients, psychosis and violent mental illness (18:17 – 21:25); PTSD and trauma (26:20 – 28:24).

Ferrero Rochelle dancing, covered in balloons and holding a plastic screwdriver between her teeth. She is wearing a children's builder's hat.
Ferrero Rochelle learned all about having a mental health TOOLKIT from her Dad.
Photo by Richard ‘The Burly Photographer’ McKenzie

Things mentioned in the podcast:

Edited and mixed by Matt Ennis, www.mennismixing.co.uk
Music: Shades of Spring by Kevin MacLeod, available under license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
If you’re affected by any of the issues raised in this episode, please do not be afraid to seek support. Help is available. The NHS website has a great directory to get you started.
Performers Rosie Verbose and Ferrero Rochelle stand on opposite ends of the stage, both dressed in scarlet. Rosie is also wearing a black sequin blazer and a 50s-style black wig. She is holding a microphone and is saying something animatedly. Rochelle is laughing. Her auburn hair is down and her hands are on her hips.
Rosie Verbose and Ferrero Rochelle in action. Photo by Richard ‘The Burly Photographer’ McKenzie.

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‘F*ck the Rules, F*ck the Boxes’: Burlesque, Burnout & Body Positivity with TRIXIE KIXX The Invisible Cabaret Podcast: Mental Health & The Arts

Ferrero Rochelle & Rosie Verbose are joined by professional dancer & burlesque artiste, Trixie Kixx! Trixie is a powerhouse queer woman with a passion for body confidence centred around how movement makes us feel, not what we look like. She regularly performs with House of Burlesque and teaches lessons in London and online. She's also a Queen Crystaller (read, the gateway drug for Rosie Verbose's stoning obsession, as discussed with Sammy Sparkles!). Join us as we chat about burlesque, practising body positivity/ body neutrality as a dancer, and more. CW: discussion of weight & body image throughout Keep up to date with Trixie on Instagram: @trixiekixx, and follow her work with House of Burlesque & Off The Rails Studios while you're at it! Trixie teaches a class every Tuesday at 8:10pm online and in the studio at Off The Rails (@offtherails.studio), open to all women. *** What are you grateful for? Be in the next episode of our podcast and tell us what has you feeling thankful lately. You can Tweet us at @inviscabaret, DM us on Instagram or send us a voice message. *** Things mentioned in the podcast: Trixie in action: classic burlesque strip, example routine from a class House of Burlesque's lockdown rehearsal process Tempest Rose's Gypsy monologue act Trixie's Bloody Mary act – photos on our social media & website; learn about Mary I here! Waacking (you can learn this with Mademoiselle Ginger  Advice on curating your social media for better mental health Re. curating your social media feed – see our episode with Reed Amber for more on this 'Eleveneriefe' meme  Roch mentions Miss Mustardseed – check out our episode with her here (also about body positivity!) Hypothyroidism Boots Botanics skincare Kew Gardens *** Edited and mixed by Matt Ennis, www.mennismixing.co.uk Music: Shades of Spring by Kevin MacLeod , available by license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 http://www.invisiblecabaret.org — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/invisible-cabaret/message
  1. ‘F*ck the Rules, F*ck the Boxes’: Burlesque, Burnout & Body Positivity with TRIXIE KIXX
  2. ‘I'm A Walking Paradox’ | Brain Science & Sparkly Bras with SAMMY SPARKLES
  3. ‘Bonus Points If You Go To Therapy’ | Fantasy and Reality with Anti-Shamer, REED AMBER
  4. ‘It’s Healthy to Sweat (and Kinda Sexy!)’ | Fitness & Femininity with LENA MAE LENMAN
  5. 'Reclaiming Things I Never Knew I Lost' | Corsets & Confidence with SINOPA RIN

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