Electile Dysfunction: Some General Suggestions

We’re sure you’ve got enough people on your screens, Newsfeed and real life, telling you how important it is to go out and vote. This is not that. This is for anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed. For anyone overwhelmed at the prospect of voting; overwhelmed with the pressures of the Holiday Season – here are a few suggestions to eas those Election Blues.


Invisible Cabaret is always on the look out for singers, dancers, burlesquers, spoken word artists, comedians, musicians, variety acts (hula hoopers, poi professionals, diabolo divas, etc.!) who are passionate about advocating for greater mental health awareness.

Invisible Cabaret: Please Stay

We are delighted to announce that we will be performing a special, one-night-only show on Friday 15th June! We are even more delighted to announce that 90% of proceeds from the evening will be going directly to UK-based mental health charities, to support them in the crucial work they do for the hundreds of thousands of us who need it.