Our Creativity and Mental Health Podcast Is Here! (S1:E1)

The first episode of our MENTAL HEALTH Podcast is now live!

Gif of Angela Lansbury in sequins, gesturing triumphantly to the audience. Appropriate to celebrate the release of our mental health podcast!

You can also listen on Soundcloud (there might be a couple of other musical goodies on there too…) or get the video version on YouTube, stick us in a corner somewhere and pretend we’re all hanging out (because that’s pretty much life right now, isn’t it?).

We’re aiming the podcast to focus on mental health and the creative arts. We’re hoping to interview our troupe members and theatre creatives the world over, so if you have any suggestions or you’d like to make any nice introductions with potential guests, come at us!

A note from the future…

Below you’ll find the most recent episodes. Firstly, we begin with an episode just the two of us (Rosie Verbose and Ferrero Rochelle) introducing our themes and ambitions. Then we enjoy chats with each member of Invisible Cabaret in turn, passionate creative performers with their own perspectives on mental health. After that, we begin chatting to artists of different disciplines, such as musician Robert Hallow and illustrator Elyssa Rider. That takes us right up to Time To Talk Day in February 2021, where we round off Series 1 and get ready for the joys of Series 2!

Sinqueerly Lucy | BPD, Boundaries & Bertie the Cat with LUCY DICKSON The Invisible Cabaret Podcast: Mental Health & The Arts

Performer/producer & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend superfan, Lucy Dickson, joins us to chat about her experiences as a queer artist and activist with BPD/ Emotional Dysregulation Disorder. We talk about taking back narratives in and through musical theatre, kissing girls, Spoon Theory, ableism, having therapy over Zoom and much more. Stay tuned for a special Pam-themed gratitude segment. Find Lucy online: @lucysayssmile. Her production company, Queerly Productions, is @QueerlyProd on Twitter. You can watch the show, Sinqueerly Me, on YouTube! CW: brief mention of suicide (28:30 – 29:15); BPD conversation is from 19 – 33 mins. Also please note there's a minor spoiler for Crazy Ex Girlfriend at the 22 min mark! Skip that minute if you're on Season 1. *** Things mentioned in the podcast: Meg McGrady, Lucy's co-producer & 'enby icon' Online productions: Pride series with MP theatricals Watch Signal (produced by Adam Lenson) online Rikki Beadle-Blair (Team Angelica) – @RikkiBB on Twitter & Insta Susie McKenna (Associate Director at The Kiln) – @McKennaSusie on Twitter Sharon D Clarke (Caroline, or Change)  Spoon Theory! Original article by Christine Miserandino  Crazy Ex Girlfriend is available to watch on Netflix & HBO – My Diagnosis song about BPD; also check out this great article about BPD as described by CXGF songs! BPD/EDD stigma as described by Harvard Health & by BPD patients themselves Cruel Intentions (1999) BPD/EDD as modern-day hysteria?: a think-piece MBT = mentalisation-based therapy DBT = dialectical behavioural therapy @makedaisychains's Boring Self Care series Hangxiety Victoria Wood – Pam & The Ballad of Barry and Freda — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/invisible-cabaret/message
  1. Sinqueerly Lucy | BPD, Boundaries & Bertie the Cat with LUCY DICKSON
  2. ‘Always Looking Up’ | Choreographing Life After Lockdown with DEMI NOIRE
  3. ‘Bubbling Cauldron of Anxiety’ | Instagram Vs. Reality with MATEO OXLEY
  4. ‘If You Don’t Have Mental Health Issues, You’re Not Paying Attention’ | Persona, Queerness and Raaage with the Iconic RUBYYY JONES
  5. 'The Power of Small' | Our First Ever LIVE Podcast Recording!

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Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be going back to our plans for Day 359 in Quarantine…

Gif of Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Cane in Some Like It Hot, wearing a black low-cut dress and taking a swig from a hip-flask

Big love, Ferrero Rochelle & Rosie Verbose xxx

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  1. Really interesting and exciting stuff your planning in these dark days . I work as a peer mentor for a mental health charity and we have done a Zoom drop in which worked fairly well . Good luck and stay safe looking forward to more pod casts

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