With Lockdown having made producing shows such a challenge, we’ve turned our attentions towards a new but related venture; we’ve started a podcast! The Invisible Cabaret Podcast is all about mental health and creativity, and how the two interlink. Hosted by Invisible Cabaret co-creators, Ferrero Rochelle and Rosie Verbose, we explore how the performing arts intersect with mental health issues, how we can explore questions of mental health in a meaningful way through art, and how our mental health can benefit from stretching our creativity. Plus a lot of giggles along the way!

We post on the second and fourth Friday of every month, meaning you can expect a new episode every other Friday!

‘Everybody Loves Parfait’ | Grease and Grace with Burlesque Queen and Drag King, Petit Pois The Invisible Cabaret Podcast

What a treat to talk to Petit Pois, a celebrated burlesque artiste and drag performer who just happens to be one of the longest-running members of our troupe! Hosts Ferrero Rochelle & Rosie Verbose talk to Shayla about her love of performing, creating characters and removing layers (in all senses). You can find Petit Pois via her website, on Facebook and on Instagram as @petitpoisburlesque. *** Be in the next episode of #InvisiblePodcast! Tweet or DM us with what you’re grateful for this week, or – better still – send us a voice message! Are you a creative (of any description) with a mental health story to tell? Email invisiblecabaret@gmail.com with your pitch to be a guest on the podcast. *** Things mentioned in the podcast: Petit Pois as Danny Zuko at the World Burlesque Games Watch a snippet of Petit Pois in her ‘Miracle’ act and on our Instagram Derren Brown’s ‘miracle’ speech Check out Dodie’s music, used in the ‘Miracle’ act Incredible circus performer who just happens to be Shayla’s bro, Danny Ash For Petit Pois’s acts, e.g. Miss Trunchbull… see her website! The Shame Wizard on Big Mouth And of course, we couldn’t leave out the full video for Bedknobs and Broomsticks ‘bobbing along’ *** The Invisible Cabaret Podcast is all about mental health and creativity. Invisible Cabaret is a cabaret and burlesque troupe devoted to raising mental health awareness, founded by Rosie Verbose and Ferrero Rochelle. When the world’s not in a global pandemic, Invisible Cabaret makes burlesque and cabaret shows all about mental health. Think vaudeville variety, dance, original music, comedy, poetry and more. You can see some clips of Invisible Cabaret in action on YouTube. Edited and mixed by Matt Ennis, www.mennismixing.co.uk Music: Shades of Spring by Kevin MacLeod , available by license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Photo credit: Steve Gregson Photography  http://www.invisiblecabaret.org — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/invisible-cabaret/message
  1. ‘Everybody Loves Parfait’ | Grease and Grace with Burlesque Queen and Drag King, Petit Pois
  2. ‘I Was Reborn’ | Feminism & Feeling Your Oats with Ida Sanguine
  3. Redefining “Much” | Capitalism & Cyberpunk with Blue Monday
  4. When I Was a Fig in the Cabaret… | Toxic Positivity & Dancing Through Life with Belle Bluestocking
  5. Which Tree Were You at Drama School? | Processing Trauma through Comedy with Mouncealot

Rating: 5 out of 5.


This podcast humorously and insightfully delves into issues of mental health and creativity. It is so original and personal – massive congrats!

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Mounts a Lot is a cheeky actress, comedian, clown and cabaret performer. She has brown-auburn hair which is wavy and wild and reaches past her shoulders. She is wearing a black and gold zig-zag sequin dress, a blue feather clip in her hair, blue feathery eyelashes and sparkly blue lipstick. She is holding an avocado to one side and looking sultry! In front of her is a low table on which stands another avocado and a bowl. There are blue velvet curtains in the background.

Podcast Episode 5 – Clowning and Trauma with Mouncealot

Episode 5 of #InvisiblePodcast brings you an interview with London-based actor and our ‘resident clown’, Kate Mounce, AKA Mouncealot. Ferrero Rochelle and Rosie Verbose enjoy a fun and meaningful chat about the art of clowning, CPTSD and BPD, laughing at vs. laughing with, trauma and its effects on the body, navigating vulnerability in performance, and making work that comes from your deepest, raw self. All in about half an hour. Who says we’re not having a productive quarantine?

Podcast Episode 4 – Bollywood and Burlesque with BDD

Ferrero Rochelle and Rosie Verbose chat to Invisible Cabaret troupe member, Bolly Ditz Dolly, about burlesque, Bollywood and bhajis. Ditz has performed her unique brand of fusion-inspired neo-burlesque all over the shop, from Bitten Peach, OwPHWOARd and I Need to Cher, to being crowned the winner of Burlesque Idol UK 2019. In this episode, we explore her journey to burlesque, her creative process, and her passion for cooking samosas from scratch.

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