With Lockdown having made producing shows such a challenge, we’ve turned our attentions towards a new but related venture; we’ve started a podcast! The Invisible Cabaret Podcast is all about mental health and creativity, and how the two interlink. Hosted by Invisible Cabaret co-creators, Ferrero Rochelle and Rosie Verbose, we explore how the performing arts intersect with mental health issues, how we can explore questions of mental health in a meaningful way through art, and how our mental health can benefit from stretching our creativity. Plus a lot of giggles along the way!

We post on the second and fourth Friday of every month, meaning you can expect a new episode every other Friday!

'We're Revolutionaries Out Here' | I am Artist, Hear Me Art with CURLY CHAOS The Invisible Cabaret Podcast: Mental Health & Creativity

Burlesque artist, host and all-round powerhouse Curly Chaos joins Ferrero Rochelle and Rosie Verbose, to chat about what creativity and mental health means to her. Expect a rip-roaring half-hour adventure through dance, periods, psychotherapy and mutilating rubber ducks. Strap in, lads. Check out Curly on Instagram as @curly_chaos_burlesque, and read her blog here. Some useful links for mental health issues mentioned in this episode:  CW – PMDD (12:30 – 16:45): treatment; self-care; blog & community; suicidal thoughts (26:35). *** What are you grateful for atm? Tweet @inviscabaret or DM us on Instagram! *** Things mentioned in the podcast: Chaotic Good Neo-burlesque: a short history Rubber duck act; Willy Wonka teaser; Chaos Cabaret; Warrior Act- see Curly's Instagram! East London burlesque studio – run by Evelyn Carnate Cabaret vs. Cancer Love Actually first lobster Prima ballerina with Alzheimer's is transported by music Our episode with troupe member and nurse, Miss Mustardseed – she also wrote about it on our blog PMDD Our episode with Robert Hallow (re. dealing with anger) SO cards That's Burlesque podcast Bitten Peach cabaret collective Cocoa Butter Club burlesque collective Gratitude jar – make your own using this guide! *** Edited and mixed by Matt Ennis, www.mennismixing.co.uk Music: Shades of Spring by Kevin MacLeod , available by license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ http://www.invisiblecabaret.org — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/invisible-cabaret/message
  1. 'We're Revolutionaries Out Here' | I am Artist, Hear Me Art with CURLY CHAOS
  2. "I am terrified. Are you?" "Yes. We are both terrified." | Making Music and Magic with ROBERT HALLOW
  3. Boys Don’t Cry | Locking Down and Opening Up with Richard 'The Burly Photographer’ McKenzie
  4. The Art of the Perfect Tickle-Slap | Glamour and Grit with Dee Dee La Femme
  5. 'Everybody Loves Parfait' | Grease and Grace with Burlesque Queen and Drag King, Petit Pois

Rating: 5 out of 5.


This podcast humorously and insightfully delves into issues of mental health and creativity. It is so original and personal – massive congrats!

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Podcast Episode 13 – Curly Chaos

Creativity and mental health geeks Ferrero Rochelle and Rosie Verbose are joined by singer-songwriter and composer, Robert Hallow, of the alt-folk-rock band, Robert Hallow and the Holy Men, to talk about his experience of art and mental wellbeing.

Podcast Episode 11 – The Burly Photographer

Invisible Cabaret charters new waters this week, as we venture outside the troupe to talk about creativity and mental health with artists in other fields… starting with Richard McKenzie, AKA The Burly Photographer!

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