Invisible Cabaret Auditions: Open Call

Are you a performer with a personal passion for mental health? Do you want to be an advocate for mental health through your performing art? interested in cabaret auditions?

Gif of Natalie Portman in Gypsy: the curtains are opening and she is walking onto stage

invisible cabaret wants to see you!

Image text advertising Invisible Cabaret auditions, titled 'Open Call.' The rest says:
'Are you a performer with a personal passion for mental health? Are you interested in being an advocate for mental health through your performing art? Invisible Cabaret wants to see you! Invisible Cabaret would love to hear from performing artists of all disciplines and backgrounds,. We particularly welcome submissions from Artists of Colour & LGBTQIA+ performers. For more information & to send examples of your work, please email us, or DM us for more information. Email:'
Invisible Cabaret auditions

Who are we?

Rosie Verbose is sitting and playing the ukulele. She is smiling. Rosie has pale skin and wears a black wig, a sequined black dress, rainbow stole and an incredible rainbow pom-pom headdress.
Rosie Verbose
Bollywood and burlesque performer Bolly Ditz Dolly performing her 'Elephant' act for Invisible Cabaret. She is facing one side, her nearest arm is extended upwards as she holds her beaded elephant mask aloft. In the foreground, we can see a couple of men holding up their hands as they applaud.
Bolly Ditz Dolly
Blue Monday is a young white woman with shoulder-length brown hair. She is dressed in the classic Marilyn Monroe white halterneck dress. She ihas her eyes closed and is holding her arms close to her body, one hand caressing her cheek in a self-soothing manner. She is lit with red dappled light.
Blue Monday

Invisible Cabaret is a performing arts troupe dedicated to raising mental health awareness through variety entertainment. When you come to an Invisible Cabaret show, you can expect music, dance, burlesque, spoken word – all the usual things you’d find in a cabaret show (laughs, drinks, glitter, good times, etc.). The twist? Each one of the acts has been collaboratively designed to strip away stigma around some aspect of mental health. Audience members have said that it’s ‘totally original and completely engaging’ and that you should come if you want to ‘laugh, cry, think, learn, and feel all sorts of things.’

What do we want?

We’re inviting performers to send us their CV and examples of their previous work.

Naturally, we would particularly like to see any work you’ve already made with a mental health theme, but we appreciate this isn’t possible for everyone; it’s more important to us that we hear what sorts of areas related to mental health you’d want to create art about, and any ideas you’d particularly like to explore. This forms an important part of Invisible Cabaret auditions, so please give this some good thought, especially with regards to how we might be able to help you achieve your expressive goals.

Our work is always collaborative; due to the sensitive topics involved, directors Ferrero Rochelle & Rosie Verbose work closely with each performer to make sure the tone of the act, and the narrative of the overall show, is just right. Please only apply if you are open to working in this way.

Invisible Cabaret would love to hear from performing artists of all backgrounds, disciplines and bodies. We particularly welcome submissions from Artists of Colour and LGBTQIA+ performers.

Three young white women, dressed in red and black 50's skater dresses of differing styles. They are all singing. Behind them are the wooden structures and plush interiors of Kings Head Private Members Club.
(L-R) Dee Dee La Femme, Petit Pois & Ferrero Rochelle performing at the King’s Head Private Members Club, London

We are open to hearing from any performing art form, including but not limited to: burlesque, drag, circus, spoken word, comedians, musicians, singer-songwriters… you name it, if you want to use it to #StripAwayStigma around mental health, consider us interested!

When do we want it?

We’re opening submissions now with a view to filling a couple of spaces in our next show post-pandemic-palaver, which will be 24th Sept in London. However, if you’re not free this date but would still like to submit your work for consideration, we will happily keep performers on file for future openings… There will be many more in the months to come!

Gif of Josephine Baker, biting her lip and looking like she has butterflies.
So excited! What do I do?

How do i apply for Invisible Cabaret auditions?

To submit your work for consideration, please email your resume and/or showreel to Please cite ‘Open Call’ in the subject header.

Any further questions, don’t hesitate to email or DM us!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Glittery kisses,

Rosie & Rochelle

Co-founders/directors of Invisible Cabaret

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