The Burly Photographer on The Invisible Cabaret Podcast (S1:E11)

You can listen to Episode 11 with the burly photographer here!

Invisible Cabaret charters new waters this week, as we venture outside the troupe to talk about creativity and mental health with artists in other fields. And after guesting on his podcast earlier on in lockdown, how could they not put Richard McKenzie, AKA The Burly Photographer, top of the priority list! Richard is a fantastic live-event photographer, whose work has earned him international renown in the burlesque community. He joins hosts Ferrero Rochelle and Rosie Verbose to talk about how to keep motivated and inspired as a creative – even in an international crisis – as well as sharing his fascinating perspective on men’s mental health and how cabaret might begin to bridge that gap.

CW – 15:23 – brief mention of suicide.

Clown performer Mouncealot, captured by The Burly Photographer
Mouncealot and her new boyfriend(?) at an Invisible Cabaret show in November 2019, taken by The Burly Photographer himself

You can find Richard on Facebook as @digitalmck and on Instagram as @theburlyphotographer.

Are you an artist (of any description) with a mental health story to tell? Email for more details about how to be a future guest on the podcast.

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If you’re affected by any of the issues raised in this episode, please do not be afraid to seek support. Help is available. The NHS website has a great directory to get you started.

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