Shout Out to our Patrons!

You may have read in our last post that we have recently set up a Patreon account. We are so lucky that many of you feel passionately about Invisible Cabaret, even to the point of wanting to help us fund future shows. Patreon is an easy avenue for this, plus it’s a lovely way of us deepening our relationships with our supporters.

As previously mentioned, there are numerous different ‘tiers’ of support that you can opt in to when you decide to support us on Patreon, beginning at $1 a month (yes, it’s inexplicably in dollars, but we still receive your money in GBP). Our tiers are named after some of the founding queens of burlesque history. The first tier, the Nellie (after Nellie Farren, the English actress who originated the ‘principal boy’ role in burlesque musicals of the late 1800s), involves us thanking our Patrons on social media and on our website.

Our Patreon tier Queens

So here we darn well go!

A massive thank you to all our amazing Patrons who have signed up so far:

Amazing Alex

Brilliant Brian

Huggable Hannah

Kindhearted Katie

Magical Mike ‘Jude’

Prestigious Peter

Remarkable Rachel

You are all our heroes and we are sending our biggest and glitteriest hugs.*

*alongside motivational monthly postcards, Facebook group memes and other benefits you’ve signed up for!

We literally cannot with you right now.

Getting Patreon FOMO (PFOMO)?

If you’d like to join our monthly Patreon club and snuggle up behind the scenes of Invisible Cabaret, keeping up-to-date with all the latest news, check out our page here.

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