I work in the field, I realise the importance of awareness and compassionate public discourse. But I need to be very clear here, I was mainly there for superficial thrills and tassels. I very, very quickly realised I should have read about your show, and your mission statement. I did not expect that these performers would captivate, challenge, provoke – and ultimately, create an emotional and cognitive dissonance impossible to reconcile without reflecting on my own lack of insight – reflection on a level I rarely go to in any context with anyone. For real. All the while, literally shredding your clothes, baring just as much emotionally as physically. It was intense. I felt naked as f***. I was out of my comfort zone. But this made me more receptive to unfamiliar issues and the different perspectives presented. I re-calibrated my assumptions, and welcomed the advice on maintaining self-compassion through an internal locus of self evaluation. I liked the focus on recognition of negative states and acceptance – that it’s OK to not feel OK, and it’s definitely OK to talk about it. For me, that was just as exciting as the obvious visceral experience. In fact, it amplified it. This was my experience, and I can only speak for me, but I think there’s loads of peeps (mainly lads) who may, like me, come for the tassels. I’m pretty sure they would get so much more out of it. Thank you.