Lilly Snatchdragon on The Invisible Cabaret Podcast (S2:E5)

It was such an honour to go deep with the ridiculously talented icon that is Lilly SnatchDragon. Lilly is a multi-award-winning Neo Drag Queen Burlesque Performer, co-founder of The LADS Show and the all-Asian cabaret collective, The Bitten Peach. Things get raw and real.

Belle Bluestocking: My Journey as a Dyspraxic Dancer

I had to get over my fear of asking for help, because I needed help with everything. Asking for help is hard for men I know, there’s an expectation that they can handle it all. But it’s hard as a woman because we always feel that we have to prove that we don’t need help from anybody, that we’re not delicate flowers that need protecting. It was so hard being ‘weak’.