Support Your Local Mental-Health-and-Burlesque Girl Gang

Fed up with the silence in between Invisible Cabaret shows? Feeling like it’s taking just too freaking long to go from one show to the next? Wishing there was just some small way you could keep up to date with all things Invisible on a more intimate basis?

WEEP NO MORE AND Look no further!

We are excited to announce we have launched a Patreon!

Expecto PATRONus

Patreon, for those who aren’t familiar, is a membership platform site which allows creators to run a subscription-based content service. It’s a way for artists and creatives to fund the continuing of their work. In exchange, the creators provide exclusive benefits and experiences for their patrons. It’s similar to crowd-funding, but much more personal: patrons band together to form a community that supports the creators, and this in turn connects patrons and creators to make a more intimate bond which is sustained over time.

Benefits, you say?

Our Patreon subscription starts at $1 a month* (for which you will receive a public thank you on our website and social media) and currently caps at $100 a month. Benefits up for grabs include:

  • behind the scenes photos and videos
  • official producer credit
  • monthly snail mail
  • discounted tickets

…and more!

*Yeah, we know it’s a bit weird it’s in dollars. Alas, it doesn’t seem we can change it at this time, given that Patreon is a US-based platform. However, it’s used by loads of UK-based creatives so we can assure you it still comes out of your account in your usual currency (just subject to the exchange rate).

Join the Club

We are particularly excited about one of the newest features of this scheme. For $2 a month or more, you will gain access to our exclusive Club of Invisibility, a secret Facebook group which is for Patrons-Eyes-Only! Expect music, discussions, rehearsal updates and much much more besides.

Invisibility Club? Harry and Ron WISH.

You had me at ‘exclusive benefits’. where do i sign up?

If you feel passionate about the work Invisible Cabaret is doing or even if you just care about what we stand for (which includes, but is not limited to: mental health; artistic expression; everybody being listened to and nobody being voiceless or overlooked; the creation of safe spaces in the arts; and quite frankly far too much glitter), then any loose change you can spare to chuck our way each month would be immensely appreciated. There’s no minimum subscription length and you can withdraw from the commitment any time you like.

We have big plans for the Invisible Cabaret community and we’d love to get another show on the cards soon, but to do that, we need your support. If you’d consider supporting us, even if it’s only $1 a month, we’d be so very grateful.

We can’t wait to share more with you as we head into this next exciting stage in the cabaret’s journey… We hope you’ll come with us!

Click here to check out our patreon page!

Or copy & paste this url into your browser:

Thank you – we love you!

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